Multilingualism & Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres

Sheffield WUN Workshop June 2015

Multilingualism and Mobility in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

29-30 June 2015

University of Sheffield


Pre-­Workshop: Sunday, 28 June 2015
18.00 International visitors: Optional drinks and dinner with organisers


Day 1: Monday, 29 June 2015
10.00-12.00 International visitors: Optional visit to Sheffield Millennium Gallery
12.30-13.30 All participants: Buffet lunch at workshop venue
13.30-13.45 Welcome by Organisers
13.45-15.15 *Language and Cultural Heritage (Chaired by John Bellamy)

Joe Salmons & Sam Litty (University of Wisconsin-­‐Madison)
Feature mobility in Wisconsin English consonant changes

James Hawkey (University of Bristol)
Language, cultural heritage and the polity:
Catalan and Occitan across borders

Mi Yung Park (University of Auckland)
Language use, identity, and marginalization:
a narrative study of Southeast Asian migrant brides in Korea

Audrey Small (University of Sheffield)
Always the immigrant, never the expatriate:
identity and labels in contemporary France

15.15-15.45 Coffee/tea break
15.45-17.15 *Language and Social Networks (Chaired by Audrey Small)

Jennie Dailey-­O’Cain (University of Alberta)
National Spaces, Transnational Language:
English, European Youth, and the Media

Kasper Juffermans (University of Luxembourg)
“All I’m thinking is to go out of out of this country”:
South-North multilingual and mobile aspirations

Frieda Coetzee (University of Cape Town)
Social networks in language socialization research

Wes Lin (University of York)
Migrating masculinities, values and modernity:
rural men in urban China

17.30 Break or drinks at a local pub
19.00 Dinner


Day 2: Tuesday, 30 June 2015
9.00-10.30 *Language, Education and Curriculum (Chaired by Kristine Horner)

Adriana Patiño-Santos (University of Southampton)
Multilingualism in the Catalan education system:
the Latin American case

Michelle Gu (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Identity construction and language ideologies in multilingual settings

James Simpson & Jess Bradley (University of Leeds)
Translanguaging business and heritage:
implications for language education

Mark Payne (University of Sheffield)
From periphery to centre:
nurturing Slovakian Roma children at secondary school

10.30-11.00 Coffee/tea break
11.00-12.30 *Language Policy, Migration and Mobility (Chaired by Mark Payne)

Darren Paffey (University of Southampton)
Challenging policies: Latin Americans in London

Clare Mar-Molinero (University of Southampton)
Language issues in migrant return:
the example of US born Mexicans returnees

Kristine Horner and Joanna Kremer (University of Sheffield)
Language, migration and citizenship policy in Luxembourg
‘from above’ and ‘from below’

Patrick Stevenson (University of Southampton)
Language policy in multilingual contexts: layers, scales and methods

12.30-13.30 Buffet lunch at workshop venue
13.30-15.00 PGR/ECR Workshop on
qualitative research methods
(Led by John Bellamy)
More information here
WUN Group Strategic Planning
Meeting (Chaired by Kristine
Horner, with input from Mark
Payne and Karen Tsui)
15.00-15.45 Roundtable Discussion
15.45-16.00 Close of Workshop
18.00 Optional excursion with drinks and dinner

The workshop programme is also available as a PDF (114kB).

*Four presentation blocks with 4×10‐minute presentations to discuss concept/theme in relation to fieldwork, data collection, etc, from a current or recent project. This is to identify common strands as a focus for the strategic planning meeting/methodological issues for discussion during the PGR/ECR workshop on the afternoon of the second day.

*For further information please contact Dr John Bellamy on:

For the workshop report click here.

For the slideshow from the workshop click here.

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