Multilingualism & Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres

Cape Town WUN Workshop October 2015

Multilingualism and Mobility in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

and Understanding Globalisation – Margins and Peripheries

15-16 October 2015
University of Cape Town

Thursday 15 October 2015
10.00-11.30 North-South Dialogue, Part I

Chair: Kristine Horner

Part 1: Papers and positions

1. Ana Deumert, Whose voice? Positionality in the development of southern theory

2. Stephen May, What does superdiversity add to multilingualism

3. Chris Stroud, Multilingualism as an utopian project

11.30-12.00 Tea
12.00-13.00 Part 2: Discussion
Discussant: Mike Baynham
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 New Chinese
Chair: Alfonso del
1. Katherine Chen:
Language and identity
in two mobile
communities in Hong
Kong2. Huamei Han:
Understanding and
problematizing the
“Chinese as the new
colonizer” discourse in
northern Namibia: A
modest proposal for an
applied linguistics
perspectives of and
from the global South

3. Round table:Chinese migrations,
emerging research
[Chen, Deumert, Han,
Vigouroux, Gu & Guo,

Languages’ from
Past to Present
Chair: Adriana Patiño-
1. Nils Langer:
Regional languages as
cultural heritage:
Efforts to promote and
protect Low German
and Frisian in the
nineteenth century2. Antonia Rubino:
Linguistic repertoires
and multilingualism of
the Italians in Australia

3. Kristine Horner &
John Bellamy:
Discourses on
migration and endangerment:
Luxembourgish in
globalising context

15.30-16.00 Tea
16.00-17.30 North South Dialogue Continued
Chair: Cecile Vigouroux
1. Anne Storch and
Chris Bongartz:
sense of the noisy
2. Amiena Peck:
Bleached skinscapes:
skin lightening vs.

3. Quentin Williams:Mainstreaming a
marginal accent and
gender identity: the
case of ‘Kimmie Kool’

Language, Identity
and Belonging

Chair: Audrey Small
1. Grace Guo:
minorities’ identity
construction through
multilingual learning
and use in China
2. Michelle Gu:Negotiating identity
and heritage: Ethnic
minority youths in
Hong Kong

3. Mi Yung Park:
Globalization, locality,
and language
attitudes: The case of
Southeast Asian
migrant brides in Korea

18.00 Dinner at the Wild Fig


Friday 16 October 2015
9.30-10.30 Margins and
Chair: David Karlander1. Leonie Cornips:
Constructing local
identities in the
periphery through
language practices2. Jolien Clijsen: The
experience of
belonging through
language practices

3. Yolandi Klein: Placed on the side-line:
maintaining and
contesting local
peripheries in an
endocentric ‘boorling

Space, Place and
Chair: Darren Paffey1. Louisa Buckingham:
Lifestyle seekers or
labourers: migrant
positioning as reflected
in the LL of Costa
Rica’s Central Valley2. Mark Payne: Ethno-
linguistic landscaping
in Page Hall3. Mike Baynham: Heritage of no fixed
abode: space, place
and precarity in the
early stages of
10.30-11.00 Tea
11.00-12.30 Language and the
Political Economy
Chair: Chris Bongartz1. Alfonso Del Percio:
Language, Migration
and the Political
Economy of Labor
2. Michelle October :
Labour, language and
economics in the South
African farming
3. Roundtable: Quo
vadis? Language and
the political economy
(Del Percio, Deumert,
Cornips, Karlander,
October, Storch,
Stroud, Vigouroux)
Multilingualism and
Urban Space/s
Chair: Jennifer Dailey-
O’Cain1. Patrick Stevenson:
Berliner Mietshaus: A
sociolinguistic novella
in 5 storeys
2. Adriana Patiño-
Santos: Narratives of
Urban regeneration
and Displacement: The
Spanish-speaking Latin
Americans of Elephant
& Castle
3. Roundtable:
challenges (Baynham,
Dailey-O’Cain, Horner,
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.30 ‘Marginal languages’
and Globalization
Chair: Anne Storch
1. David Karlander:
Register and artefact:
authenticity in an
engagement with
Övdalsk descriptivist
2. Justin Brown: Acting
locally, thinking
globally – international
‘First Nation’
discourses in ‘Khoisan’
language and cultural
Multilingualism and
Meeting to draft
proposal for volume
and future planning:
Kris Horner (Sheffield),
Jennifer Dailey-O’Cain
(Alberta) et al.
14.30-15.00 Tea
15.00-17.30 North-South Dialogue Continued (II)
Chair: Ana Deumert
Migration trajectories
0. Kristine Horner (introduction)
1. Kasper Juffermans & Beatriz Lorente:
Language and the black box of migration
2. Cecile Vigouroux: Skilling the migrant
3. Clare Mar-Molinero: Returning from El Norte:
US-Mexican returnees’ experience of
Discussant: Leonie Cornips
18.00 Informal get-together/drinks at the Touch of Madness, Observatory

The workshop programme is also available as a PDF (135kB).


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